How It Works
Image showing how easy it is to sign-up in 1 minute
Easy to Get Started
  •  1 minute sign-up 
  •  30 day FREE trial - no Credit Card - 100% Risk Free
Simple Sales Platform Integration
  •  Guided process to help you get set-up
  •  Easy integration with your sales platform
  •  Test your integration before going live
Image of all the platforms Trusttd integrates with
Collect Ratings
  •  Make sales as normal and Trusttd gets alerted
  •  You control the settings for when rating invitations are          emailed to customers
  •  Customers can share ratings across social platforms 
  •  Inbuilt Customer Care process for low ratings 
Increase Conversions
  •  Easy process to customise and embed our trust badge            on your Sales page
  •  Pop-Up shows additional rating information
  •  Verified mark shows which platform sale came from
  •  Verified URLs ensure your badge is only valid on your              site
  •  Your ratings provide the social proof needed to                        increase your conversion rate
Image of all the types of websites the Trusttd badge can be installed on
Additional Features
  •  Trusttd's badge works with all types of websites
  •  Forward sales data to additional IPN, API or Webhook           destinations
  •  Additional trust badges can be created for your other             sites

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