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I'm Chris Zemdegs - founder of Trusttd.

Trusttd helps digital product marketers make more sales.

Trusttd harnesses the power of social proof using a model that is already well-proven and it's been built specifically for online marketers selling digital products. 
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So why did I create Trusttd? 

I was spending time trying to promote my own digital product and spent a lot of time looking at what everyone else was up to, trying to learn more about how to make a go of it.

What surprised me - in fact shocked me - was the wide spectrum in the quality of what was being sold.

At one end there were legitimate, passionate, hard working people creating and promoting unique products trying to improve the lives of people in their market.

At the other end, there were people creating low-value, recycled copycat get-rich quick rubbish and trying to make a quick buck.

Problem was, there was no way for those who were creating the genuine, quality products to really differentiate themselves.

Anyone can create a sales page, put come compelling sales content, invent a few testimonials and the poor customer has real way of telling what the real quality of the products are.

There had to be a better way.

My nature, and my "day job" background always revolved around solving problems, innovating and designing systems. It's a much more natural alignment to my "flow" than being a content creator.

Having seen the inside and armed with what I do best, the seed of Trusttd appeared in my mind and the journey began.

But we didn't start building right away.

We had to make sure this was something people wanted.

So before any designs were put together, before any code was built, I got out and talked to people.

I reached out and made contact with numerous product creators and marketers. Not all of them would give me the time of day. In fact most of them didn't. You know as well as I do how hard it is to get people's attention and engagement.

The conversations I did have, though, gave me a whole lot more than I expected.

Sure, the concept I was putting together was overwhelmingly validated. These folks told me things like:

They like to get feedback to help them build better products

They want to have good personal relationships with their customers

They want to make sure customers are satisfied  

They love the concept of transparency

They were surprised this didn't already exist for people selling digital products

In fact, some of these guys liked the idea so much they took me up on a pre-sale offer I had at the time and paid for a subscription in advance, before any code was written!

This was all good, it meant in theory I had an idea that people wanted. That's a pretty good place to get to.

But they touched me a bit deeper than that.

The people I was talking to weren't just about the business. They were genuinely trying to help people. They cared about making a difference to people, to help improve their lives in whatever way it was they were interacting with them. They wanted to leave a legacy. In fact several people used those exact words.

That matters.

I decided as I met and got to know these people that my legacy was to help people just like them. I realised I can use my own passion and my natural flow in the same way they are. So here I am. I hope my team  and I can help you too. We're not here to sell, we're here to partner. Let's do business.


Chris Zemdegs
Founder, Trusttd.com 
chris [at] trusttd.com

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