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Internet Marketers.
Turn Trust into Sales.
Do you sell digital goods like eBooks, courses or membership sites?

Start collecting ratings and increase sales with our simple trust-building plug-in for your sales funnel.
 Simple set-up
 Hands-off automation
 Pays for itself with super-quick ROI
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"The same products with reviews have a 35.27% higher overall session conversion rate [compared to without]"
- BazaarVoice
Why Choose Trusttd?
Build Trust & Demonstrate Transparency
Showcase Quality & Let Your Customers Sell for You
Increase Conversions & Sell More
Fully Automated - Save Time with Hands-Off Management
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If your website is not converting traffic into customers, Trusttd may be the solution.
Our website plug-in automatically collects verified product reviews from real customers.
Our embeddable trust badges increase conversion rates, helping you sell more digital products, faster!
"88% of consumers trust an online review as much as they trust a personal recommendation."
- Brightlocal
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Do You Sell Digital Products?
Trusttd is perfect for digital marketers whether you have one or multiple digital products such as e-books, courses or membership sites.
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Internet Marketers
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Authors & Bloggers
"79% of consumers prefer to review product and seller ratings prior to making a buying decision"
- Brightlocal
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Sales Platform & Cart Integrations
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  Our integrations ensure reviews can only be submitted by real, paying customers.
  No anonymous or fake ratings.
  We mark every rating with verification of which platform it was sold through.
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5 Ways to Sell More Digital Products
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Sell More Digital Products, Faster
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Customizable Product Reviews Badge
Embeddable product or seller rating badges that match your brand colors.
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Review Management & Customer Support
Receive alerts for poor product reviews and reply directly to customers.
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Social Sharing to Drive
More Web Traffic
Embedded social sharing buttons make it easy for customers to share reviews.
Image of the easy-to-use Trusttd dashboard
Set product review reminders, control when ratings appear, and more!
Image representing Trusttd's rating details pop-up
Users can click on your Trusttd badge anytime to see reviews in more detail.
Image representing the integration Trusttd offers to share data through passing on sales data via Webhook/IPN destinations
Unlimited API/IPN/Webhooks
Add unlimited IPN, API or Webhook destinations to post your sales data.

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